Introducing EmberXP

SolarXD Owner posted Jul 22, 14
You asked for it and you got it! You can now bottle your experience so you can save, sell, or trade your XP! All you need to do is have a few empty glass bottles and type /bottle

Note: The video is meant to be silly ;)
Enriquegg Moderator Awesome ! nice ...... love it...
somonri Seriously, you two should start your own youtube channel doing these crazy videos, because they are amazing ...
Troller987654 Imma lovin it
We are proud to release our new server trailer along side our new Hub build. If you want to know what our hub is about you can read up on the lore HERE. It has taken a long time and multiple build teams to put this build together. I hope that you all enjoy!

Hitmarqers Nice Colour Correction Packs! The cinematics are very well done
TheHackerOfLife Oh my poop i didnt think a minecraft trailer could be this cool
Unihedron DEV ... Whoa.

Monthly Screenshot Contest!

geneSW Owner posted Jul 11, 14
Hello everybody! On top of the monthly fishing contest, we are going to start a monthly screenshot contest. The second Saturday of each month the screenshots will be looked at and winners decided (top 3). All three winners will get a Best Screenshot tag. Rules and guidelines are in the Screenshot Contest thread, found under Contests, Competitions, and Events in the forums. This is also where all screenshots will be submitted.

Good luck to everybody and we look forward to seeing some great screenshots!

Update: The thread has now been opened up for entries!
ningakittiesX Do you mean screenshots or real life photos? Sorry I'm a bit tired atm....
Unihedron DEV *activates the Developer Wand*
The votes have been tallied and the fish have been weighed. For the month of June 2014 we would like to congratulate the following winners!

AsianCheddar -  Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $50
Unihedron - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $35
Felicitaaay - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $25

MegzGirl03 with a fish weighing in at 5068lbs! 
Your prize via random selection is an enchanted fishing rod with all the goodies!

maginghero with a fish weighing in at 4787lbs! 
Your prize via random selection is a diamond pickaxe with all the goodies!

Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to next months winners. All prizes will be given out later tonight/tomorrow after I get off of work :)
Felicitaaay Congrazzles ...
maginghero Congratz guys ...
AsianCheddar Moderator Congrats guys!

Shall we go to war?

SolarXD Owner posted Jun 5, 14
EmberCraft Factions

The moment some of you have been waiting for! No, it's not skyblock :( It's PVP! The PVP server will re-open tonight at 6PM MST. Below are a detailed listing of the changes.

- TNT is disabled
- There is now a faction spawn
- More ores added to the bank
- Enderchests are disabled
- Strength 2 is still disabled
- Opples are still disabled
- Prot Enchants are limited to P2
- Sharp Enchants are limited to S3
- Power Enchants are limited to P3
- This was a complete reset other than McMMO
- Minor changes to spawn to help navigation
- Minor plugin changes/updates(may be bugs let us know)
- New setup for cheat/hack detection(let us know if you run into problems)

- Did I forget to mention that The End will be re-enabled. First come first serve!

As with all changes there may be some issues or bugs. We aren't all seeing so if there is something that was missed just let us know and we'll get it fixed. There are also other features that will be coming in the future to give the players more pvp based activities.  We hope that these changes align more closely to what the player base wanted.

Aerothe Shall we? YES!!!! ...
MagicCookie_ Join PvP people ...
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