The votes have been tallied and the fish have been weighed. For the month of August 2014 we would like to congratulate the following winners!

JerseySkies - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $50
Felicitaaay - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $35
Jerzeychick - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $25

JerseySkies - with a fish weighing in at 5093 lbs!
Your prize via random selection is 10,000 claim blocks!
JerseySkies wins!

bolebaboni - with a fish weighing in at 1783 lbs!
Your prize via random selection is a Rank Upgrade worth $30!
bolebaboni wins!

Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to seeing next months winners! Just remember to tell your friends about EmberCraft! You are the key to EmberCrafts growth!!!


1.8 Update is near!
The 1.8 update is just around the corner! As usual it does break some things. Even the protocol patch that would allow 1.8 clients to connect to our 1.7 network has some pretty big bugs at this time. Once those are worked out we will implement the patch to allow 1.8 clients to connect. Until that time if you have updated to 1.8 please revert back to 1.7.x to connect to EmberCraft. For information on how to change your minecraft version then check this out!

PvP Fishing Contest
The PvP fishing contest has been discontinued until further notice due to the lack of participation. The contest will resume once we are able to give the PvP server some much needed love.  

MineconSE Booth Contest
The MineconSE Booth Contest has not been forgotten and will be announced soon. We honestly didn't expect to get so many quality builds. So we have had to really break down how we are judging them to pick the best one. We are getting close though so stay tuned! Also, we will be awarding some nice rewards for 2nd and 3rd place!

Creative Server
Now that the Booth contest is over the creative server will be coming back to life. Here in the next week it should be finalized and released as long as there are no unforeseen issues.  We will make a news post that will detail all the new changes and cool things :)

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, problems, or just want to yell at me please let us know in the comments below!

Felicitaaay Congrazzles all ...
SolarXD Owner Just added the 1.8 update info the news post.(Sorry I forgot to include it!)
JerseySkies Jersey Wins all the things. God knows I needed those claims blocks ...

Hello EmberCraftians!

       I just wanted to make a follow up post to clarify some things with the current build contest as well as some changes. Originally our builder fell through due to real life stuff and that is what led us to create this contest. The builder has once again become available and will be continuing with the build.

       Even though this seems like a pretty big change we will continue the contest. Just in case the builder falls through or doesn't work out we still have your amazing builds to fall back on.  If the builder does work out we will still pick a winner. The only difference will be that the winning booth won’t be featured on MineconSE. To make up for this we will be increasing the $50 gift certificate to think geek to a $100 gift certificate if the winning build doesn't make it to MineconSE.

       We are sorry for any confusion this has caused. We hope that people continue to participate in the contest for the great prizes involved. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask us. We value honest and open communication with our amazing community.

Thank you,


MagicCookie_ So, The other prizes are able to be won correct? (with the mineconSE booth aside) or is it just the Think Geek Gift card ...
Swiftpain this mean we can use water n stuff?
kevinhow who was the designated builder?

MineconSE Booth Building Competition!

geneSW Owner
geneSW @ EmberCraft Hub
posted Aug 20, 14  -  Build CompetitionMineconSEPrizesRewards

       Do you have what it takes to make an awesome build in a confined space? Do you want everybody who goes to MineconSE to see it? If so then you're in luck because we need somebody to make a 15x15x15 booth that will represent EmberCraft at the event! Head on over to creative and walk into the portal to get started. Solar and I will look at all of the booth entries on the 29th and pick the one which we believe screams EmberCraft

The winner will receive the following rewards:
- Top rank on ALL servers!
- $50 Think Geek gift card!
- A sign in the booth giving them credit for the build!
- BetaTester tag!
- 1 of a kind forum tag!

Build Requirements & Restrictions
- Must be 15x15x15 or less
- The booth can be open on all sides! (Doesn't require walls/ceiling)
- Must represent EmberCraft
- Limit 1 entry per person*
- No water, lava, books, or redstone

*1 entry per person, only the primary owner of the plot wins if the plot is chosen, the winner will be notified via message and posted up on the front page.

Want EmberCraft to grow? Share this post and tell the world about your most favoritist, awesomest, and most coolest Minecraft server!

Dmobmoon im confused about this what do we do.
Timbers007 Something that screams it ehh..? Mwahahahaha.. I have just the idea... > ...
Blue_Blaze72 DEV Can we use non-creative accessible blocks like dragon eggs and portal pieces? if so, how do we get our hands on those?

July 11 - August 4 Screenshot winners

geneSW Owner
geneSW @ EmberCraft Hub
posted Aug 9, 14

ScreenShot Contest Winners!

July 11 - August 4

First place - Kevinhow 

Second place - Blue_Blaze72 

Third place - pinksocks15 
Entry: Island

Congrats to all of the winners and we look forward to next set of great screenshots!

e_n_d_b_o_s_s Interesting choices staff.. ...
pinksocks15 Yeah boi
Bronzechill260 Congrats!

EmberCraft Update!

SolarXD Owner posted Aug 3, 14

EmberIsles [Top Priority]

Everyone wants EmberIsles! I know we sure do! That is why we haven't given up. We are still making steady progress in the development of this server. Once we have a stable and playable build we will allow our Beta Testers first crack at it.  Again we don't have a time frame but when we do we will let you know! (We may be re-doing the island contest since so much time has passed. We will let you know at a future time if this is going to happen or not.)

Skyblock Server [Whitelist Removed]

The old skyblock server is finally back up!  When we did our last big update that dealt with UUID's it messed some stuff up with the skyblock server.  The fix was a very tedious one and just took a lot of manual editing of hundreds of files.  Since it was so tedious I had put it off but since I've been sick it gave me ample time to get it finished.  As a result I don't think we lost any player data at all.  There may be some users who don't have the proper rank so let me know if this has happened to you so I can fix it. I would also like to remind everyone that once EmberIsles is released this old skyblock server will be wiped.  Your ranks and perks will be transferred over to EmberIsles.

Creative Server

Creative will soon get some attention. Things in creative are currently pretty limited and divided between players. We will be creating a plot world that will allow all players to play together. The plots will be quite large instead of having all of these tiny plots that don't allow you to accomplish much.  There will also be a separate world setup so we can start doing our build competitions. If you have some ideas on how to make creative more interesting please let us know in the comments below!

Developers Wanted! [Paid]

As always we have a large backlog of development work that needs to be done to help make the other servers rich in features. If you or your friends are competent in java please get in touch with us. We may be able to put a little bit of coin in your pocket while making the server better at the same time. If your skills are up to par we may have you tackle some larger projects(such as some of the planned features on pvp).  Just to be clear these are paid projects!

e_n_d_b_o_s_s EmberIsles
Blue_Blaze72 DEV If we redo the island contest, can we resubmit the old entries? I don't really plan on making new ones considering I hav ...
ningakittiesX I love how Emberia (Blue term haha ) is a nice community that doesn't go overboard with stuff but is unique in their own ...
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