Server Shutdown

SolarXD Owner posted Sun at 18:20

I've shutdown the server for now. Obviously it was a bit premature to bring it back when we did. 1.9 still isn't here and I'm tired of shelling out the money for a server nobody is currently playing on.  When 1.9 comes around and if things are still how they are then we will return.  Over the next week or two I'll be working on getting a downloadable map put together for you guys to download.(1.7 world only)

Thank you everyone who still has shown interest in a 1.9 embercraft and if you have any questions feel free to ask :)


Our skyblock server has re-opened. The map that was backed up was severely corrupted and took a good deal of effort ot restore.  As far as I know there are no islands missing/corrupt that I can see.  If you do have issues please let us know.  I also want to note that uSkyblock isn't UUID/name change friendly. I will do my best to get you re-added to your island as we come across these issues. So there is no guarantee that if your name changed that we will be able to successfully re-add you to your island.  Again, just let us know.

Survival Server
- Jobs has finally arrived at the Survival server. To get started just type /jobs.
- You now accrue claimblocks by playing in the build world.
- Players now start out with 1500 claim blocks! Before they only had 500 (yes, ranks were bumped up too)
- AFK kick has been removed. If players are found to be afk'ing at mobgrinders that impact server/player performance you will be given a warning.

If you experience any issues PLEASE let me know. That is the only way I can address your concerns.
Happy Minecrafting!

XxGemxX Thanks Solar - having fun building on survival again
LittleOnezies Thank you Solar
imsavoy Oh boy!!! Yay!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!

Hub/Survival is up!

SolarXD Owner posted Aug 9, 15

Yes, it has been a long time getting things set back up. At this time Survival is the only one up so that way we can fix issues as we come across them. Once things are settled there we will move onto the next and so on.

There are obviously some issues with the name changes and we will fix those as we come across them.  The following are a list of some issues and if you come across them just let me know so I can fix them.

- Claims don't recognize name changes even though the UUID is correct.
- Deadbolt is obviously outdated and doesn't play nice. Mods can help you with this by removing the signs.
- Chestshop is dead at the moment and isn't a big priority yet.
- Backpack doesn't like name change. So if you have a blank backpack let me know. The fix requires a server restart so once I get a decent sized list I'll upate them.  Once you do get your backpacks please empty them as I will be updating the plugin soonish.

Server Wide
- Error message when you connect and causes you to disconnect. If you went from 1.8 to 1.7 edit your options.txt file in your minecraft folder and change your renderDistance to 16. This should fix the issue.

As always if you have any issues please post them here and I will get to them.

Muffinz99 I can't believe it took me nearly a whole month to notice that the server is back up! This is amazing news!!!
L0jik Solar Is their an estimate for when Factions will be reopened and if it is will it retain everything?


SolarXD Owner posted Dec 8, 14
Even though the EmberCraft server has closed down for now our gaming community website is just getting started.  For now it just a place for people to connect that were part of EC. Eventually we hope it will be a place where we have many different groups playing many different games while flying the EmberGaming name/tag.  I hope to see you and your friends there!

Pixie6658 #BringEmberBack ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
stox180 So can i get an invite to the steam group mabye?
sweney I will be sticking around i will not abandon ember craft that easy

I'm sorry :(

SolarXD Owner posted Nov 21, 14
It is with a sad heart that I announce the closing of EmberCraft.  It has been a long road filled with setbacks.  Our latest setback has effectively shutdown EmberCraft. That setback being the development of EmberIsles. 
Originally Fireball1725 took on the project and then abandoned it and EmberCraft. (Without Fireball we would have probably never have gotten started so he deserves many thanks) Then after some time passed we were able to pick up Unihedron and Blue_Blaze72. They took on several projects and finally picked up EmberIsles. They made amazing progress but life and school proved to be too much and progress slowed even though they had the majority of it done. 
Gene and myself decided on a gamble to use a company called puzl inc. They had some respected developers and I'd used them on a few other occasions for small projects.  They had quoted us a time and price that would work for us and we went ahead with it. Through some miscommunication the project ended up coming in well over price and late.  What was communicated as being done wasn't done and was missing the challenges and some finish work.  They stated it would take an additional $800ish and came up with a few options that would cost a bit less but none the less we were effectively bled dry with this project.

Due to my personal situation with medical bills and only being able to work 12-18 hours a week at my normal job(when I would normally work 50+) I am unable to fund the server out of pocket. I have noticed since my time on the server has virtually stopped that it has killed our player base. That in of itself has stopped shop purchases and the server is no longer able to support itself.  Perhaps when I am able to work fulltime again I can revive it but there is no guarantee and honestly it seems as if the server market is becoming continually hostile with changes at Mojang, bukkitdev, spigot, etc.

I wanted to thank our incredible staff. They stuck with me while I ran LUMC and they stuck with me while I ran EC. They are what made this an incredible and a safe place to play. I can't thank them enough.  I also wanted to thank Fireball for helping us get started and for being there when I REALLY messed things up :P.  I also wanted to thank XxGemxX and Blue_Blaze72 as they made some large contributions to EC that allowed us to provide some amazing hardware and clean bandwidth to play on.  I also wanted to thank our playerbase more than anything! Without you and your contributions we would have never come this far.  Again, I am very sorry and very saddened that it has come to this. Thanks again for an incredible year and for all of the incredible memories.

Solar & geneSW 
EDIT: Please feel free to join us over at our EmberGaming site:
aiden Really really missing embercraft right now..
Pixie6658 #BringEmberBack! Make it trend
lil_Mike662 The Best Server Ever! I miss it already :(
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