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blah blah blah 1 year go blah blah things were tough blah blah... blah. Blah blah here we are blah. Just kidding! We just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your support through this last year. It sure was a tough one!

Now onto the winners of the EmberCraft 1 year anniversary giveaway! I was going to make a front page list but it was a long list so I just left them in the Google document. Some of the prizes have already been awarded. For the rest you will get a message via Enjin with information about your prize and how to redeem it.


There were several entries that were disqualified for entering of mains and alts, banned from the server, or were just junk entries. This removed a good few entries and as such some people have won two items. If you have any questions as always please just let me know and I'll do my best to answer them for you.  Happy EmberCrafting everyone! Thank you for one great year!

NOTE: Some of the messages will get to you tomorrow.  I have to do these by hand since they contain coupon codes. So that is a lot of messages I need to get out!

PS: There was a lot of stuff to do in order to get all of these to work properly so I wouldn't be surprised if I goofed up somewhere. If something isn't working please send me a PM and I'll fix it :)

maxwellpj @ EmberCraft Hub
ddem0n Awesome, I'm always short on claim blocks, these really help xD
m4s2firestorm Congratulations everyone!!!
Nearly one year ago we as a community came into existence. We have seen many people come and go. We have seen many setbacks as well as good progress.  The important thing is not that we don't have 1000's of players but that we have a solid community who helps each other. We have a community that goes above and beyond to help anyone in need. You don't get that very many other places! geneSW and SolarXD would like to thank all of you for everything. It has been an interesting journey and we have no plans to stop here!

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

We are running a giveaway from now until the 28th of September. We will announce winners on the 29th! For a list of all the amazing prizes and cool stuff please go to the link below.

To enter the giveaway click the link above. READ the rules and the prizes. Below that you enter your name, paste a link to your enjin profile, and click the check box stating you have read the rules. Then click submit! It is that easy!

*Note: You need to at least log in once to our servers before the giveaway ends. You must also be a member of the EmberCraft Enjin website.

Upcoming Changes!

- Market is going to be redone to fill a more traditional server market. This will allow people to buy/sell more common goods.
- This one we know NOBODY has asked for but we are doing it anyways... JOBS! Yes, we are finally bringing jobs to the server. ;)
- We are also going to increase the default starting claim blocks from 500 to 1500! The other ranks will also be bumped up accordingly
- Not only that we are going to enable the ability for players who are playing on the survival server to auto accrue claim blocks. This means the more you play the more claim blocks you can get!
- Vote rewards will soon give more than just cash and points.

- Faction sizes will be doubled
- Enchant limitations will be removed
- Opples will be enabled
- Strength 2 will stay disabled(at this time)
- Market will undergo a similar transition as the survival market
- End access will be given to donors
- Vote rewards will soon give more than just cash and points.

- Not much here other than EmberIsles is making very good progress. If everything continues and we don't hit another setback we should be looking at a beta very soon.
- Vote rewards will soon give more than just cash and points.

- Creative has officially launched under a BETA label.
- We have WorldEdit access and VoxelSniper support(Donor access only for VoxelSniper)
- The Freebuild world is delayed a bit due too some conflicting plugin issues that I'm working on
- For more details on creative go HERE

Please note that all of these changes are currently a work in progress. They will be worked on in the coming days and weeks. For progress on these please be sure to check the changelog.

kevinhow WHO WON?
crazycreevy Grats to the people who won
Pixie6658 How much longer till they announce the giveaway winners???? I'm going crazy

        Should we announce the winners or keep up the suspense? Okay, fine! Before you do find out who the winners are I just wanted to thank everyone for participating in this contest. The guidelines were very very restrictive.  Not only that the information that we were getting from MineconSE wasn't always accurate and some of those changes messed with this contest. So lets review the rewards and then lets see who won! 

1st Place:
$100 ThinkGeek Gift Card
Ranks: Legendary, Inferno, Olympian, and EmberCrafter(creative[coming soon])
Beta Tester Tag on the website
Unique Forum Tag that is currently being designed
MineconSE Emerald VIP rank on the MineconSE Server

2nd Place:
$50 ThinkGeek Gift Card
Ranks: EmberCrafter(creative[coming soon])
Beta Tester Tag on the website
MineconSE Emerald VIP rank on the MineconSE Server

3rd Place: 
$25 ThinkGeek Gift Card
MineconSE Emerald VIP rank on the MineconSE Server

1st Place Winner - Nidhux
Entry - Gucci-Wucci - THE DESTROYER (with kid)
Info - This build was selected for how it stood out, technical ability, and the fact that organic builds are very hard to pull off in such a small space.

Nidhux 1st Place

2nd Place Winner - Pixie6658
Entry - EmberCraft is not just a server. It's family <3
Info - This build was picked not because of the build itself but how the builder captured the feel of EmberCraft with the information on the signs/booth.

3rd Place Winner - basketballfan25
Entry - Mini CubeClimber
Info - This was picked because it was a very unique aspect of EmberCraft that usually isn't utilized as good as it should be.  It had great information, stood out from all the builds, and was interactive.

NOTICE: Prizes will be given out tomorrow morning. ThinkGeek is taking its sweet time activating the gift cards. Their customer service stated they should be good to go sometime tomorrow. Once I receive them I will pass them on. Each winner will receive a private message from me (SolarXD) tomorrow with all of your prize details!

xX_BaxteR_Xx And no one reminded me about this? Gonna go cry in my bed now but first a congratulations to the winners.
Pixie6658 *ghasp!* OMG thank you so much for considering my build and congrats to the other winners <3 my family in a server!
maxwellpj @ EmberCraft Hub

The votes have been tallied and the fish have been weighed. For the month of August 2014 we would like to congratulate the following winners!

JerseySkies - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $50
Felicitaaay - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $35
Jerzeychick - Top voter tag and free rank upgrade worth $25

JerseySkies - with a fish weighing in at 5093 lbs!
Your prize via random selection is 10,000 claim blocks!
JerseySkies wins!

bolebaboni - with a fish weighing in at 1783 lbs!
Your prize via random selection is a Rank Upgrade worth $30!
bolebaboni wins!

Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to seeing next months winners! Just remember to tell your friends about EmberCraft! You are the key to EmberCrafts growth!!!


1.8 Update is near!
The 1.8 update is just around the corner! As usual it does break some things. Even the protocol patch that would allow 1.8 clients to connect to our 1.7 network has some pretty big bugs at this time. Once those are worked out we will implement the patch to allow 1.8 clients to connect. Until that time if you have updated to 1.8 please revert back to 1.7.x to connect to EmberCraft. For information on how to change your minecraft version then check this out!

PvP Fishing Contest
The PvP fishing contest has been discontinued until further notice due to the lack of participation. The contest will resume once we are able to give the PvP server some much needed love.  

MineconSE Booth Contest
The MineconSE Booth Contest has not been forgotten and will be announced soon. We honestly didn't expect to get so many quality builds. So we have had to really break down how we are judging them to pick the best one. We are getting close though so stay tuned! Also, we will be awarding some nice rewards for 2nd and 3rd place!

Creative Server
Now that the Booth contest is over the creative server will be coming back to life. Here in the next week it should be finalized and released as long as there are no unforeseen issues.  We will make a news post that will detail all the new changes and cool things :)

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, problems, or just want to yell at me please let us know in the comments below!

TheDarkLord48 For once an asterisk had some good news...
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JerseySkies & Congrats to the other rude of me! #BlameShadow for having me playing Agrarian Skies with him all af ...

Hello EmberCraftians!

       I just wanted to make a follow up post to clarify some things with the current build contest as well as some changes. Originally our builder fell through due to real life stuff and that is what led us to create this contest. The builder has once again become available and will be continuing with the build.

       Even though this seems like a pretty big change we will continue the contest. Just in case the builder falls through or doesn't work out we still have your amazing builds to fall back on.  If the builder does work out we will still pick a winner. The only difference will be that the winning booth won’t be featured on MineconSE. To make up for this we will be increasing the $50 gift certificate to think geek to a $100 gift certificate if the winning build doesn't make it to MineconSE.

       We are sorry for any confusion this has caused. We hope that people continue to participate in the contest for the great prizes involved. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask us. We value honest and open communication with our amazing community.

Thank you,


MagicCookie_ So, The other prizes are able to be won correct? (with the mineconSE booth aside) or is it just the Think Geek Gift card ...
Swiftpain this mean we can use water n stuff?
kevinhow who was the designated builder?
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